Ubuntu Packard Bell EasyNote XS

I would loke to buy a EasyNote XS & I need to know how Ubuntu compatible it is!

Is there anybody who has any kind of expiriace with the EasyNote XS

Operating System
Operating System Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition
Chassis dimensions 230x171x29mm
Weight 950g
CPU Model C7-M 1.2GHz
Cache 128kB
Bus Speed 400MHZ
Installed memory 1024MB DDR
Hard Disk Drive
HDD size 30GB
Card reader / Floppy drive
Card reader 4 in 1 card reader
Optical drive NO (sold separately)
Chipset VIA VX700 upto 128MB shared
Internal resolution 800x480
Monitor size 7"
Technology and ratio TFT
Integrated on motherboard or on PCI Slot Integrated
Modem No
Ethernet 10/100 LAN
USB Port (total/front/rear) 2 x USB 2.0
TV out NO
Audio out YES
Microphone IN YES
Headphone out YES
Keyboard and pointing device
Keyboard type 90 Key Qwerty
Accessories VGA Webcam
Bluetooth YES
Standard warranty 1 Year Standard

Ubuntu Packard Bell easynote TJ64 General Problems

I am completely new to Ubuntu. I have spoken to a friend who has been using Linux for ages, he said that Packard Bell usually produces laptops that are incompatible with Linux OS which is down to the hardware they come with.Currently I am running Karmic 9.10 64-bit.As I installed this version of Ubu ...

Ubuntu Packard Bell EasyNote Argo C

I've been struggling for a while now with a PB EasyNote Argo C (using ATI RC410 Radeon Xpress 200M) and Ubuntu 10.10.The main problems are:Regular Compiz crashes (often when using OpenOffice, especially if working with footnotes for some reason)Dead freeze of the OS (no mouse or keyboard response, n ...

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I would like to hear what you think of running linux on this laptop:http://skinflint.co.uk/a587620.htmlI want to use it for blender, gimp and so on.Will it work with that combination of hardware? ...

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HelloToday I managed to install Ubuntu Linux 10.10 x64 alongside Windows 7 x64 Pro flawlessly. I can boot both Ubuntu and Windows 7 without any issues.However it seems that Ubuntu cannot (properly) control my CPU fan. After a while my laptop just shuts down exactly like when it overheats. This also ...

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Are there any Packard Bell Easynote TM86-GN-005 users here?Do you know anything about this computer, its compatability with Ubuntu or any Linux systems?Is it good or bad laptop? ...

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I've got Ubuntu 8 installed successfully (9 states it's got some hangups with my graphics card, so I didn't even try). The H/W is as follows:ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 (works)Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Net (works)Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Net (works)1394 Net (don't work)NEC DVD RW ND-6750ASynaptics PS/2 ...

Ubuntu Packard Bell Easynote loses DNS all the time

all, I have a problem with my PB Easynote BU45. I can connect to wireless networks fine but about every five minutes or so I lose DNS. I can't connect to any address like www.google.fi (http://www.google.fi) but ping goes through fine ( I reboot or ifdown/ifup the interface it works ...

Ubuntu Packard Bell Easynote

Have installed ubuntu within Win xp. But when ubuntu boots up the display is all wrong, too big for the screen The loading screen appears in the bottom right hand corner and I can't even see the place to login name and passwordIf I load Ubuntu from the cd without installing everything is okDisply ad ...

Ubuntu Packard Bell EasyNote MH35 screen resolution

Ubuntu 8.10 doesn´t seem able to detect the screen resolution, frequencies, etc. for my Packard Bell EasyNote MH35. The only options I get are 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 (while the computer has a widescreen monitor of, I think, 1280x800 optimum resolution), all at 0 (zero) hertz, and the button t ...

Ubuntu Packard Bell EasyNote MZ35-U-005

I've got Ubuntu installed on the Packard Bell EasyNote MZ35-U-005 notebook and was having sound working with alsa and pulseaudio, but the headphone jacks were not working.After searching through, I did couple of things and now it works:1. Installed latest version of realtek drivers. (Still didn't wo ...

Ubuntu Packard Bell EasyNote E6100 Screen resolution and graphics

i have just installed xubuntu but the screen resolution is wrong meaning im missing the right hand side bar of the page, ie no navigation bar etc! there is no option that matches my model of laptop from when i go to packard bell on the screen and graphics preview and til now i have not found one tha ...

Ubuntu Packard Bell Easynote

I came to this forum with the same problem a few months ago but got sidetracked with other things and completly forgot about it,anyway, when trying to install ubuntu on my pakard bell laptop(easynote,mobile amd athlon,xp-m 2400+,1.79 ghz,480mb ram)the set up gets as far as what i think is the splash ...

Ubuntu Packard Bell easynote MH53

I recently acquired a new laptop for my younger brother namely the Backard Bell Easynote MH35 and when booting ubuntu in any way (tried Wubi as well) it stops on the loading please wait or the loading bar freezes. So what can I try now... I just need some way to determine the problem itself or at le ...

Ubuntu Packard Bell Easynote: wireless and Radeon Mobility HD 2400 problems

I'm trying to get Ubuntu 7.10 working on my girlfriend's laptop. There are two things not working at the moment:1. The ATI Radeon Mobility HD 2400 cardIt worked with the vesa driver but I could only get a resolution of 1024x768, which doesn't look great on a 1280x800 laptop screen. So after a lot of ...

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I've had a Packard Bell Easynote MV45-008 for a good few months now, and in that time have got absolutely everything working perfectly to my liking, except for the simple act of shutting down the laptop. I have searched high and low for answers to this problem, which seems quite a popular one, and n ...

Ubuntu Packard Bell Easynote sw51-201

So I got a PackardBell Easynote SW51-201 laptop and was rather pleased on the whole with how it works- it doesn't have all the options of other laptops, but it seems to be doing a good job. Here's the specs : http://www.itplace.be/catalog/product_info-1_15+54456.html (page not in English but the spe ...

Ubuntu Packard Bell EasyNote R1100

How to get a Packard Hell R1100 working...xorg.conf: Driver viaandModeLine "1280x800" 87.09 1280 1336 1616 1728 800 802 814 840 #60Hzath0:download http://rfswitch.sourceforge.net/, install kernel-headers, make install rfswitch/etc/network/interfaces:post-up modprobe pbe5post-up echo 1 > ...

Ubuntu Packard Bell Easynote HDMI output black screen

I'm a long time Ubuntu user who has recently purchased a Packard Bell EasyNote (model PEW92). As is usual whenever I get a new laptop the first thing I did was to I attempt to install Ubuntu on it but I'm having a little bit of an issue and I'm wondering if anyone here could help me. When I boot the ...

Ubuntu Packard Bell EasyNote LM81 Fan Noise

My laptop (Packard Bell EasyNote LM81) is making a lot of noise all the time when running ubuntu, which is sad.Now I tried some HowTos on the web (like for example this one: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=42737), but there are some things not working. E.g. pwmconfigis returning/usr/sbin/pw ...

Ubuntu Problems with a Packard Bell EasyNote R1935

Hello, I'm new so be gentle...The story is:I've installed Ubuntu Jaunty on a friends laptop (a Packard Bell EasyNote R1935). (http://www.packardbell.co.uk/products/live/on-the-go/notebooks/easynote-r/easynote-r1935/productsheet-PB42B01101-48.html) I'm having a few problems (some major, some minor - ...

Ubuntu WiFi probs on Packard Bell Easynote

Also been putting Ubuntu on a few neighbours laptops. Spreading the word :)Packard Bell Easynote SJ51Can get the WiFi to start or pick up any networks.Any help lease ? ...

Ubuntu Suspend does not work(Packard Bell Easynote F1245-T-010AC)

ernate works fine, but when i set it to suspend it instead shuts down.Any help would be appreciated,Thankstested further and it seems suspend works properly when selected from the desktop, but laptop still shutdown when i close the lid, even thought i have set it to suspend in the power management p ...

Is Packard Bell EasyNote + Ubuntu good?

I wanna know if anyone has experience with one of these two laptops+Ubuntu? I am thinking of buying one of them, but just dont know how well they work with Ubuntu.Packard Bell EasyNote DT85-CU-740NCDPackard Bell EasyNote TJ65-DT-524NCIf you have any experience with any Packard Bell + Linux in genera ...

graphics card not detected on Packard Bell EasyNote after installing ubuntu 8.10

everyone, I'm new to Ubuntu.I've just installed Ubuntu 8.10 from the installation disk and everything is working except my graphics.On login screen the screen resolution is so big I cant see the login fields but when I login it changes the resolution.When I run ' gksudo displayconfig-gtk ' nothing c ...

Ubuntu Sound does not work well in Packard Bell EasyNote

I've a Packard Bell EasyNote which sound card identifies as:00:14.2 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB4x0 High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)My Kubuntu 8.10beta loads the module snd_hda_intel at boot time and I can hear sound and use the mixer. But when I plug earphones or loudspeakers ...

Ubuntu Wireless networking on Packard Bell easynote tn36 ubunto 11.04

I have Packard Bell easynote tn36 and I used to use ubuntu 10.10 and then when I upgrad it to ubuntu 11.04 the wireless doesn't work (disable) and I can't press the botton of Enable wireless. what can I do !! ...

Ubuntu Wireless networking on Packard Bell easynote tn36

I'm using a Packard Bell Easynote Tn36 laptop, and I'm having trouble with Ubuntu 10.10 and the wireless network card, (probably because of lack of driver). I.e. it is disabled. How can I enable it? I input this code sudo lshw -C networkand here is the outputsaja@saja-EASYNOTE-TN36:~$ sudo lshw -C n ...

Wireless Woes. Packard Bell Easynote R1005/Intel 2200BG/Ubuntu 9.10

Hi, looking for some help to get my mini pci intel 2200 BG wireless card working with Ubuntu. I've tried fiddling around for days now, using the vast knowledge available on the forum, but am getting nowhere. Just moved over from Windows and loving Ubuntu, but have very little knowlegde of Linux/Ubun ...

Ubuntu Wired connection on Packard Bell Easynote not working

My brother installed Ubuntu 9.10 on a Packard Bell Easynote NJ65. He has a wired home connection, which seems not to be working now. It was working with the same machine under Vista.What are the first places I should look? Any hints or clues or people with similar issues would be most welcome.:D ...