Ubuntu Heartbeat on DRBD

Last week I have installed DRBD and HeartBeat on a Ubuntu 7.10 server system, but I'm having problems with the configuration.

I tried it already on more than 5 2-node clusters (in VMware), but I still can't get it at work. I hope someone can see a issue in my config.

I have configurated 2 systems with in each 2 hard disks in software RAID-1.
My partition (in raid) for DRBD is /dev/md4

I installed DRBD like this:

apt-get install drbd8-utils drbd8-module-source \
build-essential module-assistant
module-assistant auto-install drbd8

HeartBeat like this:
apt-get install heartbeat

The server was updated ofcourse :)

These are my configuration files of DRBD.

global {
minor-count 1;

resource mysql {
protocol C;

on dbg00 {
device /dev/drbd0;
disk /dev/md4;
meta-disk internal;

on dbg01 {
device /dev/drbd0;
disk /dev/md4; .
meta-disk internal;

disk {
on-io-error detach;

net {
max-buffers 2048;
ko-count 4;

syncer {
rate 10M;
al-extents 257;

startup {
wfc-timeout 0;
degr-wfc-timeout 120; # 2 minutes.


logfacility daemon
keepalive 1
deadtime 10
warntime 5
initdead 120
udpport 694
bcast eth2
auto_failback off
node dbg00
node dbg01

respawn hacluster /usr/lib/heartbeat/ipfail

use_logd yes

dbg00 IPaddr:: drbddisk::mysql \
Filesystem::/dev/drbd0::/mnt/mysql::ext3::defaults mysql


/mnt/mysql is mounted on /dev/drbd0.

DRBD is working but Heartbeat does not.
Does someone have a idea what I'm doing wrong?

Does someone have a working configuration?

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