Oracle SQL*Loader-291: Invalid bind variable

I am getting thje above error message. Header and detail from input are loaded into 2 tables. SRCSYS_ACRONYM is loaded into the header and I am trying to use this in the detail table...any help ?

INFILE 'c:\f.txt'
WHEN (record_type_code = '0')
RECORD_TYPE_CODE position(1:1) char,
SRCSYS_ACRONYM position(2:6) char "upper(:SRCSYS_ACRONYM)",
-- PROCESS_DATE position(7:14) "to_date(:process_date,'yyyymmdd')",
DATE_TIMESTAMP position(7:22) "to_timestamp(:DATE_TIMESTAMP,'yyyymmddhhmissff2')",
HDR_PRD_START_DATE position(23:30) "to_date(:HDR_PRD_START_DATE,'yyyymmdd')",
HDR_PRD_END_DATE position(31:38) "to_date(:HDR_PRD_END_DATE,'yyyymmdd')",
create_date sysdate,
create_userid constant "xxxx",
update_date sysdate,
update_userid constant "xxxx"
WHEN (record_type_code = '1')
( MAR_STAGING_DETAIL_ID sequence(max,1),
create_date sysdate,
create_userid constant "XXXX",
update_date sysdate,
update_userid constant "XXXX"

SQL*Loader-291: Invalid bind variable :SRCSYS_ACRONYM in SQL string for column SRCSYS_ACRONYM_D.

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