nasm assembly language, add two arrays slot by slot, into a third array, REAL NUMBERS

working on a 32bit architecture and i'm adding two arrays together slot by slot into a third array so if I have 3,4,4 and 4,4,4 in the arrays the third array should contain 7,8,8 at the end of the function

I was able to pass in the arrays correctly and the amount of items into the function arleady, i know this because I ran test code

now i'm working on the addition part of it, here is what I have, the logic makes sense to me but it's still seg faulting...ideas?

;*************************************ADD ARRAY**********************************************
segment .bss
segment .data
summessage db "The Sum is: ", 0
segment .text
extern readdouble,print_string, read_int, writedouble, print_nl, print_int
global addarray
mov edi, 0 ;initialize counter to 0
mov ecx, 0 ;zero out ecx and edx
mov edx, 0

mov ebx, [esp+48] ;moves starting location of array1 into ebx
mov edi, [ebp+40] ;move quantity into edi
mov ebp, [esp+60] ;move the starting location of array2 into ebp

mov esi, [esi] ;move starting locatino of array3 into esi

;mov ecx, [ebp]
;mov edx, [ebp+4]
;call writedouble
;call print_nl


fld qword [ebx] ;The second input is now in a floating point register, specifically st0.
fld qword [ebp]

fadd ;The first input is added to the second input and the sum
;replaces the second input in st0

fstp qword [ecx] ;copy top of stack onto ecx
mov ecx,[ecx]
mov edx,[edx+4]

mov [esi], ecx
mov [esi+4], ecx
add esi, 8 ;increment to the next loaction of esi

add ebx,8 ;increment location of ebx to the next floating point value of array1
;add ebp,8 ;increment location of ebp to the next floating point value of array2

dec edi ;increment counter

cmp edi, 0 ;compare to see if all values have been added
jz add_done
jmp add_loop

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